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About Hawklight Imagery

My love for photography began in elementary school when I received my first camera as a graduation present.  Later, in eighth grade I built my first pinhole cardboard camera and began developing my own prints.  In high shcool I received my first "real" camera, a Canon AE-1, which served me well for over twenty years.  Today, I use top of the line, Pro grade gear in capturing high quality, well composed, artful images.


Through the years I have found a love in working with light and shadow, color and composition.

I take great pride in becoming the personal photographer to each client I work with.  I value the trust they put in me capturing those special moments in their lives.


Every photo session is approached with the most respect and attention to delivering not just quality images but creating an comfortable environment that is also fun and rewarding for all members of the team involved.

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